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    Electronic candles

    Check our exceptional electronic candles, with up to 250 days of light, various motives and colors in glass, plastic and ceramic housings.



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    Solar candles

    Novelty in our offer, high quality and reliable solar candles. Lighting day and night up to 500 days. Check them out!



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    Paraffin candles

    High quality paraffin candles in plastic housings, up to 90 hours of glow, excelent choice for every customer.



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    Electronic and paraffin replacement cartridges. Electronic cartridges with up to 200 days of light, and paraffin cartridges with up to 90 hours of glow.



Why should You choose Diadema Croatia?

When you pick Your business partners it is important to analyze all the qualities of Your future partner. Our greatest quality is the effort we make in keeping a healthy and productive relationship with our business partners, and most of all a quality of products we deliver. Thats why working with us you get:

- a company with great experience and tradition more than 17 years old and successfull in our domain.

- certificates that guarantee a high quality of production and comunication, resulting an excelent product in the end that will satisfy any customer.

- for many years Diadema Croatia d.o.o. is cooperating with well known and renomated trading companies all arround Croatia and Europe building it's brand and distribution network on a daily basis.

- based on tracking the market, consumers needs and desires we improove our products, their quality, production, product design and product availability, because our mission is satisfied customer.

Our products

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