Fix your favourite things in a few steps

Open the tube

Unscrew entire nozzle & cap unit.
Reverse cap and place the pointed end on top of the tube. Point the tube away from face, Press to puncture.Do not squeeze the tube while puncturing. After the puncture , return nozzle & cap and keep it on when you're not using the glue. Unscrew outer cap only and apply in small amounts.

Prepare and bond surfaces

Make sure that both surfaces are clean and dry. Apply Diafix super glue with extreme care. Never spread with fingers. Apply one drop of Diafix super glue for each 3 cm area. Apply to only one surface, then quickly place two surfaces together with a slight finger pressure.

Wait a bit

Binding is completed in seconds, or ,depending on the material, in about one minute. In normal conditions, atmospheric moisture initiates curing. Although full functional strength is developed in a relatively short time, curing continues for at least 24 hours untill achieving full chemical and solvent resistance. After use, wipe the top to remove excess adhesive from the tube.

Do you want to bond something else?

Diafix super glue is perfect for mending dishes and household articles, tables, chairs and other articles of furniture, sports equipment or for use on metal, leather and paper.

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